Quality Assurance Communication

An application to improve patient safety and identify key trends and patterns to help reduce costs and liabilities.

There’s Safety in Numbers
Report, monitor and analyze safety events and near misses to improve clinical processes and curb your organization’s risk.

Our event reporting tool – the Quality Assurance Communication (QAC) application – incorporates the common definitions and reporting formats developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and authorized by the Patient Safety Act. It not only enhances your ability to track events internally, but delivers the opportunity for rapid process improvement through real-time reporting. With ADN’s QAC application, quality, patient safety and risk managers can identify key trends and patterns that will allow them to make expedient improvements to processes to reduce their hospital’s costs and liabilities.
A recent study sponsored by the Society of Actuaries revealed that 7 percent of hospital admissions result in medical errors1. But perhaps the greatest obstacle to preventing adverse events is insufficient information. A case study conducted by the Office of the Inspector General showed that a staggering 93 percent of adverse hospital events, even some involving death or serious permanent disability, were not reported into internal incident reporting systems.2
Meanwhile, a swell of governmental emphasis on patient safety continues to grow. The establishment of the Federal Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, which encourages shared learning among hospitals by providing safe harbors of legal protection through Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs), started a ripple effect that is spreading throughout the industry. (Read more about PSO legal protection here in our whitepaper.)

Real-Time Reports
Real-time data allows for rapid process improvement. Generate summarized or detailed reports by department, event type, facility, causation or time trends that can help your facility become proactive instead of reactive.

Automated Alert System
Stay attuned to the safety of your facility through our automated alert system that instantly notifies designated users of events or near misses.

Task Assignment Functionality
With just a few clicks, you can assign follow-up tasks or investigation to ensure that a safety issue or near miss is dealt with properly and by the right people.

Anonymous Data Entry
With our QAC application, you not only increase your tracking capabilities – studies show that anonymity increases reporting – but you can simultaneously pursue the goal of a blame-free culture of patient-centered care.

Common Data Formats
Our application incorporates the common definitions and reporting formats developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and authorized by the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act.

Total User Management
Our password protected applications based on unique user IDs and passwords allow you total control over user access. And with unlimited users per client, you’ll have the ability to easily add users when the need arises.

Seamless PSO Transmission
Our application includes seamless transmission to the ADN Patient Safety Organization or another PSO of your choice, providing legal protection to your data. Read our whitepaper about PSO legal protection.
What Clients Think…
I highly recommend American Data Network’s Quality Assurance Communication application for the collection of event data. Our organization previously used another product that was not nearly as user-friendly and efficient. Since the transition, I consistently hear from staff members how they “love” American Data Network’s tool. With the move to ADN, I have seen an increase in reporting, which provides the data necessary to improve the quality and safety of care in our facility. And because ADN is also a Patient Safety Organization, we have the added benefit of shared learning across their network of clients.”
Debbie Hare
Director, Quality, Risk & Regulatory Compliance
White County Medical Center

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