Service Line Report Cards

Take the guesswork out of leadership. Determine the true profitability of your organization.

Get a Clear Outlook
By benchmarking service line performance against common standards, you can identify the most promising opportunities – and potential liabilities – from the macro to the micro level.

Cost vs. Reimbursement
With the ability to view profitability analyses with cost and reimbursement information by service line, physician and payer, you can accurately assess areas in need of financial improvement.

Payer Mix, DRG & Physician
Our Service Line Report Cards allow you to analyze financial data for service lines by payer mix, diagnosis group and physician.

Identify Opportunities with Ease
By pulling together the average cost, reimbursement and volume of diagnoses, you can get a clear look at specific opportunities.

Severity-Adjusted Benchmarks
Benchmarking reimbursements with severity-adjusted cases provides an opportunity to pinpoint if your facility is at maximum coding efficiency.