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Healthcare Analytics & Data Solutions Trusted by Hospitals for 30 Years

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Healthcare organizations on the leading edge of patient safety and quality improvement are reinventing their approach to data by 1) identifying processes that distract from their core competency of improving patient care and instead 2) organizing more resources around producing insight from their data and, most importantly, acting on it to accelerate change.

This doesn’t mean they neglect or abandon these encumbering processes (like data collection). Rather, they’re smarter in how they solve them by leveraging a trusted partner who can empower their team to move faster with better healthcare analytics applications and time-saving services like clinical data abstraction outsourcing, enabling them to transition away from a reactive mentality to become proactive change agents.

Simply put: Our mission is to help your team “Move at the Speed of Sound Data.

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Explore Our Quality Improvement Tools in Healthcare

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Core Measures & Registries Data Abstraction Outsourcing Service

Healthcare facilities often struggle to allocate clinical resources to various departments. This can lead to a bottleneck in productivity. Data abstractors, for instance, are pulled in multiple directions, collecting core measures and registry data while also trying to help with performance improvement initiatives.

ADN’s data abstraction solutions offer hospitals the ability to reallocate clinical resources to improve healthcare quality. We also prevent disruptions from staffing shortages and unplanned departures by allowing ADN to shoulder your abstraction burden. Our team can handle all of your clinical data abstraction or supplement your on-going data collection efforts to free up at least some of your team’s time for more performance improvement work.

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Patient Safety Event Reporting & Risk Management Application

Quality healthcare services require efficient healthcare data services. Safety event data gathering can be time-consuming and error-prone, causing delayed response and remediation efforts.

Report, monitor, and analyze safety events and near misses to enhance clinical processes and curb your organization’s risk. Use our application to help your facility improve patient safety and identify key trends and patterns. All these can help reduce costs and liabilities.

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Healthcare Analytics Services

The ADN Data Analytics team has 25+ years of experience working with large data sets and Electronic Health Records (EHR). We can aggregate and mine large data sets to identify patterns, trends and priorities within the clinical, quality, financial and patient safety domains.

Our team includes Ph.D. statisticians; SAS, R, Python, and SQL programmers; quality and patient safety experts; and data/business analysts.

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Patient Safety Services

Customized Patient Safety Training

To improve patient care and promote public health, healthcare organizations must invest in staff training and patient safety education.

Our team of skilled patient safety experts can provide training, such as Root Cause Analysis, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, basic Patient Safety Principles, TeamSTEPPS®, and more.

Patient Safety Initiative Project Management

Do you experience difficulty managing backlogs and filling in for departing abstractors? Need some extra help when someone unexpectedly takes time off?

Our team can help your facility execute patient safety initiatives such as facilitation for Root Cause Analysis, Failure Mode & Effects Analysis, Comprehensive Unit Safety Program and Morality Reviews and much more.

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Core Measures Application

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving data reporting requirements? Use our Core Measures application to meet quality and safety standards for public disclosure and accountability. Fully comply with The Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reporting requirements with our tool.

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Clinical Benchmarking Application

Clinical benchmarking is an essential part of healthcare quality improvement. With this platform, you can access monthly-updated clinical, quality, and financial information and benchmarks (peer and national) identify areas that are performing well, and those that merit your immediate attention and action in a few clicks. Our tools enable you to measure your performance and determine where to focus your resources for improvement.

What Differentiates ADN?

Choose Without Regrets

Choosing a partner for healthcare performance improvement services can be a stressful process. We understand. That’s why we take great care to build services and applications that will instill your confidence.

Support You With Love

Many of our clients have shared their frustrations with previous vendors who failed to provide prompt responses, leaving them feeling insignificant. With us, you get the help you need when you need it.

Expertise You Can Trust

Since 1994, our team of data and engineering experts has been fiercely committed to providing the best healthcare data solutions to meet your healthcare data needs. Spend less time collecting data and more time putting it to use to improve patient care.

Free Quality Improvement Tools For Healthcare

The Good Catch Campaign Toolkit

While experts consider near misses to be unmatched predictors of medical error, research shows they are markedly underreported. This toolkit will provide you with a host of materials to run your own Good Catch Campaign.

The Increase Event Reporting Toolkit

Event reporting is essential to identifying, understanding, and addressing underlying factors and circumstances that contribute to medical errors. The insights gained from voluntarily reported incidents, near misses, and…

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a High-Reliability Organization

Patients and their loved ones expect medical care they can rely on. As a High-Reliability Organization (HRO), prioritizing a safe and error-free environment builds trust between medical providers and their patients.

With the demand for public reporting, we turned to American Data Network to assist with the burden of data collection. They had the experience and know-how to take on all of our Core Measures responsibilities.

Outsourcing our Core Measures abstractions has freed up our staff, allowing them to concentrate on focused clinical areas. We are now able to spend more time on using the data to improve the quality of patient care at Mt. Sinai.

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Mount Sinai Medical Center

Rest Easy with ADN

You’re on a mission to bolster patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare. But the nagging fear of overlooking critical details may be keeping you up at night.

ADN’s technology allows for real-time data analysis and immediate access to patient information. This enhances diagnosis, treatment, and care coordination at the point of care.

Our data science expertise and tools can help you gain a better understanding of your healthcare analytics. Focus on your workday and rest easy at night—tackle any problem with us.

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