Clinical Benchmarking System

Clinical, quality, financial and physician data that can be analyzed to identify and monitor hospital efficiencies.

Know Where You Stand
Access monthly-updated clinical, quality and financial information and benchmarks (peer and national) to identify areas that are performing well, and those that merit your immediate attention and action.

As value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance only stand to gain more support and momentum, knowing how you comply with best medical practices and perform compared to your peers has never been more critical. ADN’s Clinical Benchmarking application equips you with the tools you need to measure your performance and determine where to focus your resources on improvement.

Severity-Adjusted Data
Severity-adjusted data enables you to make objective and accurate comparisons at the overall facility, service line and physician levels.

Multiple Comparison Modules
The Clinical Benchmarking System consists of four modules – Clinical, Quality, Inpatient Physician Profile and Ad Hoc Query – allowing you maximum flexibility when analyzing your organization’s performance.

Inpatient Physician Module
Get a detailed look at how your doctors’ individual practice patterns affect your hospital’s performance. See severity-adjusted peer and national comparisons on physician cost, length of stay, quality, outcome measures, and compliance rates of The Joint Commission and CMS.

Quality Module
Our Quality Module displays over 160 quality and patient safety indicators, including those endorsed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Quality Forum as well as hospital acquired conditions monitored by CMS.

Clinical Module
Drill into the clinical module to identify opportunities for improvement at the service line, diagnosis group or individual physician levels, and quickly see how efficiently resources are being used through the item-level detail.
What Clients Think…
St. Bernards is committed to continuous quality improvement. Using ADN’s Clinical Benchmarking System, we can effectively use data to manage our quality, safety, and cost. The application allows us to trend our mortality, complication rates, readmissions, length of stay, and cost per case. Through detailed analysis we can easily determine the effects of our performance improvement plans. The ability to view data down to the Physician level, helps us prioritize our opportunities to impact patient care and public reporting.”
Susan Greenwood
Assistant VP of Patient Care
St. Bernards Medical Center