Core Measures Data Abstraction

Complement your existing abstraction staff to compensate for employees on temporary leave or abstractor shortages.

We Lift Your Abstraction Burden

Recognizing the increased pressures to stay abreast of ever changing guidelines coupled with the emergence of new measure sets, ADN provides a Core Measures Data Abstraction Service to reduce the burden on your facility so you can focus on proactive quality management.

Why Work With Us


Meet Requirements With Ease

Our Chart Abstraction Service can help your hospital meet the data collection and reporting requirements of The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and other National Quality registries such as the STS National database, Get With the Guidelines, and ACC-NCDR.


Flexible Outsourcing Options

We will work directly with your facility to provide a solution that fits your needs – whether it’s on site, off site, on call, or partial outsourcing. Plus, it is not necessary to use ADN’s data collection tool; our experienced abstraction specialists will work with whatever Core Measures vendor you use.


Unmatched Experience

As a vendor since the inception of Core Measures, ADN has developed a keen understanding of the measure specifications, transmission processes, and improvement initiatives associated with data collection and analytics.


Improve Your Team’s Knowledge

In addition, ADN can train your abstractors on the changes to the measure guidelines and conduct follow-up Inter Rater Reliability assessments to ensure their understanding.


Put Your Team Where They’re Needed

Our data abstraction services allow your hospital to reallocate scarce clinical resources to performance improvement, utilization review and case management.


Safeguard Against Team Shortages

Or, use ADN personnel to complement your existing data abstraction staff to provide coverage for employees on temporary leave or to serve as a safety net for abstractor shortages or unplanned employee departures.

Registries We Abstract

NCDR: National Cardiovascular Data Registry

The ACC’s suite of cardiovascular data registries helping hospitals and private practices measure and improve the quality of care they provide.

GWTG: Get With The Guidelines

Get With The Guidelines programs are in-hospital programs for improving stroke, heart failure, resuscitation, and AFib care by promoting consistent adherence to the latest scientific treatment guidelines.

Core Measures Sets We Abstract

Inpatient ED: Emergency Department

Decrease decision to admit time and time patients spend in ED

Global Immunization: Immunization-Influenza

Increase flu immunization rates in high risk patients

HBIPS: Hospital Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Admission screenings, events and transitions to next level of care

MD: Screening for Metabolic Disorders

Measures the percentage of patients discharged with an antipsychotic prescription for which a structured metabolic screening for: (1) BMI; (2) blood pressure; (3) glucose or HbA1c; and (4) lipid panel was completed in the past year.

PC: Perinatal Care

Monitor increase in elective deliveries and decrease non-emergent C-Section deliveries

SEP: Severe Sepsis & Septic Shock

Measures timely management of sepsis and septic shock to decrease organ failure, mortality, LOS and cost

STK: Stroke

Monitor interventions and appropriate discharge instructions for stroke patients

SUB: Substance Abuse

Adherence to standardized performance measures addressing alcohol screening and cessation counseling

TOB: Tobacco

Adherence to standardized performance measures addressing tobacco screening and cessation counseling

TOC: Transition of Care

The movement of a patient from one setting of care (hospital, ambulatory primary care practice, ambulatory specialty care practice, long-term care, home health, rehabilitation facility) to another.

VTE: Venous Thromboembolism

Decrease VTEs through monitoring, prophylaxis, and utilization of best practices

OP AMI: Acute Myocardial Infarction

Monitors timeliness of Fibrinolysis treatment and transfer to the next level of care

OP Cataract

Improvement in Patient’s Visual Function within 90 Days Following Cataract Surgery

OP EBRT: External Beam Radiation Therapy

Percentage of patients, regardless of age, with a diagnosis of bone metastases and no history of previous radiation who receive EBRT with an acceptable fractionation scheme as defined by the guideline.

OP CP: Chest Pain

Monitors patients receiving aspirin at arrival and median time to ECG

OP ED Throughput

Monitors timeliness of evaluation and treatment of patients arriving in ED

OP ENDO: Endoscopy/Polyp Surveillance

Appropriate follow-up interval for patients with and without history of polyps

OP PM: Pain Management

Monitors timely management of pain for long bone fracture

OP Stroke

Monitors timeliness (within 45 minutes) of head CT or MRI scan interpretations of Stroke patients arriving in ED

What Clients Think...

As the demands for public reporting grew, we turned to American Data Network to assist with the burden of data collection. They had the experience and know-how to take on all of our Core Measures responsibilities. Outsourcing our Core Measures abstractions has freed up our staff, allowing them to concentrate on focused clinical areas and their respective registries such as the Stroke, ICD, and Carotid stents. We are now able to spend more time on using the data to improve the quality of patient care at Mt. Sinai.”
Marilyn Joy
Manager, Performance Improvement
Mount Sinai Medical Center

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