About Us

Healthcare organizations are at a pivotal crossroads and, in order to survive and thrive, must harness new clinical data sources if they are going to realize improvements. While the art of quality and patient safety emphasizes clinical judgment, it is ceding ground to the science of improvement, which relies on precisely measured variables to assess opportunities and inform strategy.

For more than 25 years, American Data Network has worked with large data sets from various sources, aggregating and mining data to identify patterns, trends and priorities within the clinical, quality, financial and patient safety arenas.

Our team possesses the expertise and skills to help your team excel. Our staff includes PhD statisticians, clinicians – Registered Nurses, quality and patient safety experts, data/business analysts, chart abstractors, and SAS, R, Python and SQL programmers. Several members of our team have also served on the boards of directors of the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and the Governor’s Quality Award.

Our clients include hospitals from all across the country, ranging in size from 10 beds to 800.

No matter what size your hospital is or how far along you are in the science of improvement, our number one goal is to be your trusted partner that helps equip you with a better understanding of your data so you can harness its power to help you, your team and your hospital succeed.

You give us data. We give you answers.


Malcolm “Cole” Williamson
President and Chief Executive Officer