Creating a culture of safety within a healthcare organization is a challenging task with few resources providing leaders with clear direction.

The Joint Commission issued a new Sentinel Event Alert focused on the role that leadership plays in developing a safety culture within a healthcare organization.

Hospitals across the state of Arkansas are signing on now to participate in a year-long, incentive-based campaign, led by American Data Network PSO, with the aim of fostering a growing culture of safe

A team at Preston Memorial Hospital, in Kingwood, W.Va., has developed a simple solution to help heart failure patients monitor weight gain and determine when to contact their providers for assistance

American Data Network has developed a set of straightforward tipsheets aimed at helping clinicians understand the defining criteria and suggested treatment protocols for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock

Infographic Outlines 90-Second Fall Triage Process

After conducting an impact study on the financial costs and increased length of stay (LOS) associated with certain adverse events that occur in hospitals across the country, American Data Network (ADN