A physician accesses a medical record in a secure blockchain

Healthcare data integrity is crucial for accurate patient care and avoiding errors. Challenges include unauthorized access and outdated systems. Solutions involve data governance policies, EHRs, and blockchain technology. Standardization, training, and collaboration are key. American Data Network offers solutions for accurate clinical data abstraction, enhancing patient safety and data integrity.

A frontline staff member enters patient safety data into a computer at a healthcare facility

Decisions made by senior quality leaders have the power to give hard-working staff the time and space they need to provide superior care. Not only can sound resource allocation help you embody your mission statement, but it can also help save your organization time and money. Your decisions have the power to transform the culture of your entire organization for the better.

A member of a quality improvement team accesses data on a tablet while collaborating with the operations team

Your mission statement puts patient care and safety at the forefront. That is why you need the most competent individuals utilizing their core competencies to innovate and improve patient care.

Doctors and administrators looking at data

In the dynamic and complex world of healthcare, the importance of Clinical Data Management (CDM) has grown exponentially. This crucial domain bridges the gap between data and decision-making, influencing every aspect of healthcare from patient care to policy formulation. With the healthcare industry facing constant changes and challenges, the role of CDM has become even more prominent.

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Learn how the NCDR CathPCI registry equips healthcare facilities with data-driven strategies to optimize cardiovascular care.

A cardiologist showing a model of a heart

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, cardiology programs across the nation are seeking innovative ways to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

In healthcare, clinical data abstraction serves as a critical bridge between raw data and actionable insights.