Discover the transformative power of data science in healthcare. Leveraging historical data enhances care quality, shaping a proactive health future.

Healthcare organizations on the leading edge of quality improvement are reinventing their approach to data, focusing less on adding ever more data to an information black hole and instead organizing more resources around producing insight from the data and, most importantly, acting on it to accelerate change. This doesn’t mean they neglect data collection. Rather, they’re smarter in how they collect it by leveraging a trusted smartsourcing partner to handle the more routine task of data collection so they can concentrate their precious and scarce personnel on more advanced roles like analysts and change agents. This whitepaper details how ADN clients calculate and perceive the return on investment of smartsourcing data abstraction to a trusted partner so they can make more intelligent use of their financial and personnel resources.

ADN’s team of data analysts and engineers built a free tool that allows you to forecast how improved performance with trend over time, using accurate prediction based on your historical data points.

Most healthcare organizations are heavily invested in data collection, yet their efforts are fragmented across administrative and clinical roles. In this video, ADN’s expert will give you the steps to effectively identify gaps and manage your healthcare data.

The National Quality Forum (NQF) announced in a press release that it has published a new white paper outlining strategies for making healthcare data more useful.